Mentorship Program

Mentorship PROGRAM is an annual event which was started in the year 2013 for Civil Department. In this the mentor attempts to create a safe environment in which the participants feel comfortable and are able to share their views openly and seek professional guidance for overall grooming.

To mentor means to make easier, to guide others through a process, an experience, or a conversation.

The mentors that come on this programme are having a wide experience of their Individual files. All Mentors have shared their experience with the students and guide our students in a right way. As far as Civil engineering is considered, all mentors who have in Civil Engineering prospectus have guide the students very well , clear their doubts and give a positive direction to the students.The details of each mentors along their class interaction with the students are as under:
Mentor :1 He is currently working as a Sr manager in the field of Contract management and Business development. He has more than 20 years working experience in his contract management. As we aware almost every Infrastructure company recruitment the person in the field of Contract Management and Business development from Junior level to the senior most level as same in case of site organisation. It is the demand of today as lot of contractual terms are likely to be held in the Technical and commercial area(Technocommerical person is the need of Today)During his interaction he guides as Mentors to our students in the following fields:
a) Business Development
• Identifying and networking with prospective clients; generating business.
• Conceptualizing & implementing service plans / policies for the organisation, ensuring accomplishment of business goals.
b) Techno Commercial Operations (PRE-QUALIFICATION / EOI / RFP/RFQ)
• Preparing RFP/RFQ/Pre-Qualification/expression of interest for private and government client.
• Preparing Technical bids for Tender.
c ) Liaison / Coordination:–Screening & evaluating new projects, conducting feasibility studies and preparing project reports to assess viability of projects and growth opportunities

Mentor No :2 He is currently working with Simplex Infrastructure Ltd as Head, Plumbing in a Construction site at Gurgaon. He has a wide experience in the core site engineering job working from junior level to senior most position at the site. During his interaction with the students he clearing the various doubts of students especially in the design filed in a very simple manner. During his interaction with the students ,following are has been discussed :
• How to Coordination with the specialized subcontractors for scheduled supply, installation, testing & commissioning at site ?
• Follow up of approved Coordination Drawings.
• Monitoring manpower report for completion of project in time.
• Also, maintain what types of documents for internal & external audits?
3) Mentor No:3 He is a Consultant in the field of Environment and has its own company . He has more than 35 yrs of experience in the field of water and waste water engineering. Environment is again very last filed of civil enginnering.Therte are lot of companies, consultant and contracting agencies who hire Environmental engineers from junior to senior level position. During his interaction with students he mainly focussed on the career growth of those students who want to make his/her career in the field of environmental engineers. His core area of discussion are as under:
• Environmental Impact assessment.
• ISO System
• Environmental management system