Message from the CEO

Striking the balance between Technical Education and Corporate Scenario

Under his leadership, 10 Global Meets of IITN were organized and in which more than 30000 thousand leading technocrats of the world were contacted. Ten Global Conferences were held around the world with topics like Global Networking of Technocrats; Vision 2020, Nation Building, The Changing Face of Nation, Futuristic Portrait of Technology, Friendly Development of Nature, India Emerging Power, Science and Environment for Tomorrow, Road map of Engineering Excellence, Corporate Innovation and Global Placement of Technocrats and India 2016 and Beyond.

The hi-tech institute is going to become a global technology leader very soon by applying strategy involving advanced teaching, technology, corporate live courses and corporate case studies under its transformation plan. We are going to launch a global program for students and faculty as part of the scheme of collaboration between academia, industry and government.

Hi-Tech institute has earned itself a very important position in India in modern science, engineering and advanced technology through its research and development programs. The Hi-Tech Institute has since been instrumental in the development of modern science, engineering and technology.

Welcome to all.