Message from the Director Admin


Dr. Shalin Kumar

The changing paradigms have made it mandatory for an academic institute to foster a new breed of professionals which is equipped with the right kind of knowledge and employable skills. The dynamics of market have gone higher in terms of expectations and only those would survive and sustain who have the requisite qualities.

We as members of HIET fraternity are dedicated to groom future managers & technocrats, hence putting up our best of efforts to make their career and meet out the mission & ultimate goal of an educational institution. We provide practical inputs that facilitate an actual understanding about the dynamics of business environment. We are committed towards maintaining an optimum level of relationships with corporate people in order to achieve our objectives.

In India professional & technical education has gained momentum in the light of global economic transformations. Current and forthcoming era will now dictate a balanced and dynamic pool of intellectual resources that can stand the test of time and demonstrate exceptional skills, attitudes and expertise which can be accepted with open hands by the industries. We commit ourselves to be a part of this transforming environment with a holistic future vision, wherein the talent of students are nurtured & developed to produce ace professionals suitably equipped, confident, competent & capable to serve national and global corporate arena.

The anticipated challenges of industry and corporate world are identified for which grooming of students as per the global standards is required and hence we are committed to do the same with our exceptional infrastructural facilities, highly motivated & committed resource pool, visionary leadership, missionary zeal & strong corporate patronage.