1.       Employability focused programs,

2.       Eminent Faculty,

3.       Dynamic Infrastructure,

4.       Stress on innovative learning.

5.       Foreign Collaborations

6.       Entrepreneurship opportunities and funding for winning ideas.

7.       180 Hours of Exclusive English-Speaking Classes with Cambridge.

8.       Grooming and Business Etiquettes including Interviews, Dining, e-mail writing, Power Dressing and many more.

9.       Case Study Discussions.

10.   Technical skills outside the Prescribed curriculum like MS Office, TALLY ERP, GST Training, IT Skills, Financial Analysis and Modeling etc.

11.   Focus on Life skills and Human Values.

12.   Sports and other Extracurricular activities.

13.   Industry Tours, Mandatory Internships and Live Industry Projects

14.   Mentorship from Industry Experts.

15.   100 percent Placement Support.


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Career Counselling