Students Testimonials

I am having great experience in HIET…
Because of the proper guidance of our teachers…I was able to get placed as intern in EQS.
Vishka Yadav
BBA Final year

It is a really great time I have spending in HIET. HIET is shaping my career by giving me opportunities, skills, friends, guides specially, my first step to success is getting placed as intern in Zillate. I am very thankful to HIET to be my stairs to success. There is no elevator to success, you have to take stairs.
BBA Final year

What I am learning at HIET is the joy of learning. I am enjoying every bit of it – the industry exposure, the class rooms, the faculty, the curriculum. HIET is helping me to build a strong foundation as it struck right balance between theory and practical learning.

My experience at HIET is truly enriching. The college offers a rich curriculum combined with an excellent industry exposure. The faculty interaction is most valuable to me since I have found good mentors and a genuine concern in my teachers.
Ankita Chakrvarti