Basic Science Laboratory




Physics: Physics camp gives interested and talented students a chance to get hands on with Physics. Students will be introduced to advanced branches of physics that don’t usually make it into the high school curriculum, including electronics, optics and particle physics.

Life science – Life science camp can introduce students to many different areas of science and give them the confidence and inspiration to embrace life science. This branch of science deals with living organisms like plants, animals, and human beings.

Chemistry: This Camp is an academically challenging, hands-on introduction to the six fields of chemistry: organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, biochemistry and environmental.

Environment: Main Objective of environment camp is understanding the inter contentedness between humans and nature among these themes brings respect and knowledge for one’s self, each other, and all living things.

Earth Science: Students will be exposed to research in geology, marine science and atmospheric science and will participate in research activities in each area. Exploring the Earth in Earth Science camp for students that is designed to demonstrate the excitement of geoscience majors and the opportunities for geoscience careers.

Maths Lab: Maths camp is made up of a wide variety of students who share a common love of learning and passion for mathematics. At Maths camp, students can explore high level topics while building problem-solving skills that will help them in any field they choose to study.