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The Coders Club

Logic Club of Computer Science Department

To empower the B.Tech, Computer Science and Information Technology students of Hi-tech Institute of Engineering & Technology through competitive programming skills and technology our Vice Chairman Dr. Vihang Garg formed THE CODERS club. It is also a research and development centre of the college.


We are inspired by quote:
“Progress is possible only if we train ourselves to think about logic without thinking of the executable code.” – Edsger W. Dijkstra
We give equal opportunity to the students of the college to become member and to work with passion and commitment. Therefore we reshuffle our members list every year by a tough selection procedure of logical tests. Our club is equipped with state of art infrastructure and software tools through which we can focus on high integrity and commitment, quality and rigor at every stage of work, passion for excellence and focus on customer satisfaction in development.


Our mission is to strengthen the programming skills of the students in the CS/IT/MCA/BCA apart from the development of the projects in field of desktop application, ERP, mobile applications etc. for this we always follow the action plan.

Action Plan:

  1. Establishing logical programming environment by conducting inter college and inter school coding competitions.
  2. Development of software’s after classes at 3 pm.
  3. Organize workshops on latest trends in technology
  4. Organize alumni talks to inspire the Hietians.
  5. Time bound daily logical questionnaire under learn2develop program in which increases the reasoning power of members.
  6. Organize weekly lecture to peer group students on latest technology under Teach2program.
  7. We also aim the students at school level for shaping their Skill and building Knowledge by inculcating in them the art of Programming.

Projects done under the club:

  1. Attendance monitoring system
  2. School website
  3. College website
  4. Video resume software
  5. 3D printer

And many in the development life cycle phases..

And many more …

Our Members

The club is headed by TEAM head

Tanu Sinha

Ms. Tanu Sinha

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