Mentorship Program

Hi- Tech identifies 20 mentors every year since the launch of the program in 2012. These mentors agree to guide small groups of selected students during fixed time periods in two semesters.

Following Mentors visited the department under the Mentorship Program held on 23rd Sept ’17.

Mentor: 1
Designation 🙁 Executive Director)
Company: VibrantWorx
Faculty Coordinator:SeemaSajotra

Discussion With students:
Mentor discussed about the digital marketing scenario. He also discussed about the web project development in JavaScript .He gave suggestions to learn and work with JavaScript, Jquery and angularJS. He discussed about a project running in their company similar to search engine where different college details can be compared. Mentor wants students to work at the company environment at least three days a week so they actually interact with the online project s and learn.

Mentor: 2
Designation : Team lead
Company: Adeptia, Noida
Faculty Coordinator: Muklit Goel

Discussion With students:
He discussed and shared his experiences and working environment of the industries and how they differ from academics. Mentor commonly interacted with some students of CS-IIIrd year , CS- IV year, BCA- IInd in Lab A and then there was s a Q/A round with the group of Students . He started with the difference with web development through coding and through Web Frameworks .Mentor explained that for building any project, design is basic requirement and then assigned mentees to study college website.

Mentor: 3
Designation: Techincal HR Manager
Company: WIPRO
Faculty Cordinator: Sanjeev Chauhan

Discussion With students:
Mentor discussed about various technologies that are useful in current s/w development field in WIPRO like cloud computing, BigData, .Net, Java. She gave various examples about cloud computing, Bigdata on basis of live examples of e-commerce companies like Amazon. She also discussed some non software development areas for students who don’t poses good programming skills.

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