Flight of Faith

Participants discover their competencies through this activity. It is an interesting activity – some students will randomly open the plane made out of that sheet that has come to them and read out the strengths and weaknesses on that sheet.

Time management
Students are taught this module by making them participate in an outdoor activity. Team leader assumes his responsibility and liaisons with his/her team and finally output of the teams are weighed and rewarded accordingly.
Another enthusiastic outdoor activity setup. Students are given a chance to prove their creative side to others. They make use of the articles given to them and come up with some really fabulous piece of art or workable models. Those deserving are awarded.
Act it out!
Situations related to some professional context are given to students. Students are expected to give a mute presentation. And the competition begins. Participants will be divided in two groups – and they will be given some situation each on their turn. The team getting the situation has to Act it out (without speaking – only through gestures) and the other team has to guess as to what is the situation they are trying to enact and show.
Do as I say
The instructor will give some random commands – as WALK, STOP, etc. The participants need to do as told. In the next round – the instructor will give them those instructions again, only this time the actions have to be reverse – as Walk for a STOP command and Stop for a WALK command. The objective is to preach listening skills and responding accordingly.
Jugaad Stand
The activity is to test their creativity and later make the participants realize that they are worth much more than they themselves think they are.
Brain Teasers
Some brain teaser games to invoke Problem Solving and Lateral thinking.