What is taught by CCP?

1. Group Discussion:

Group Discussion is basically a group activity and it is certainly the most important ingredient of one’s career success. GD’s at Hi-Tech at primarily organized under the guidance of professional and trained Communication trainers. Proper ambience for the discussion is a requisite. Special GD sessions with industry professionals are also organized at Hi-Tech from time to time.

2. Mock Interviews:

An old adage goes as: Practice makes a man perfect. Likewise, mock- interviews at Hi-Tech makes our students more confident and increases their chance to clear real time interviews as and when they face it. We aim at providing exposure to our students along with face to face interactions for the following:  Skype interviews, web interviews, and Telephonic rounds. So, that it’s not a new thing, when they come across these types of interviews in real world.

3. Debates:

Let’s agree to Disagree. We have a formal society “Debatus” for great debators at Hi-Tech. CCP department hones such debating skills among students through various debates on a wide variety of topics. It focuses on critical thinking and effective communication as main deliverables.

4. SWAT:

An opus of Corporate Connect Department at Hi-Tech institute. A perfect module, that put across Strengths, weaknesses, Analysis and Testing of individuals. The students get a chance to introspect themselves in the light of their personal strengths, room for improvement. This is necessary for any real development to start in life. Our qualified trainers help students realize their true strengths and areas of improvements. All the best!

5. Communication:

a. Share your “vow” moment:

This is a quite interesting activity. It gives a chance to our students to pour their hearts in front of the audience to speak about their most memorable moment in life.

b. Mystery Box:

Amazing activity conducted by trainers at Hi-Tech.  It boosts communication of students by giving them secret tasks to be done.

c. Pop that question:

A game, that is based on the art of asking questions. Students pop questions out at each other. Game brings out cheerful moments in the class.

d. Situational Role Plays

This activity helps in developing logical thinking among students according to different situations in life. Real life situations are being portrayed by students and they try to logically reach a solution to the problem at hand. Amazing activity.

e. Extempores

All time Favorite of students. It has open ended questions. It helps students respond, and not react, to a question immediately after listening to it. The response should be logical and timely. Sometimes, it is chaotic, and at times it leads to a discussion as well.

6. Events:

Corporate Connect Department organizes events to keep the students spirits up. Such as:

a. CCP Commencement Ceremony 2016

An award ceremony, where titles were given for various categories and nominations to final year students from all the branches of B.Tech. and other courses as well.

b. Best Dressed Award 2016

CCP has pledged to motivate students to groom their personalities into professionals. CCP delivered a session on corporate dressing for its students. To sustain the initiative taken, certificates were also awarded to those who observed perfect corporate dressing sense during the entire semester.

c.  CCP Award Ceremony – Student of the Semester 2017

Everyone likes to get noticed, but for a right reason. So, it’s time for another celebration. Yes, “Student of the semester” Awards. Those, who observed code of conduct, shown keen interest in participation and eagerness to perform, are awarded with certificates – “Student of the Semester “