EC & EE department have well equipped labs with computational facilities and resources.

Communication Lab -I: It gives an insight of all the modulation techniques like AM, FM, ASK, PSK etc.

Communication Lab-II: It provides a practical implementation of coding and modulation techniques.

Electronics Devices Lab:  It helps to study basic components of electronics like resistors, capacitors etc.

Digital Electronics Lab: It helps to study various IC’s of the Logic gates and their implementation.

PCB Lab: It helps us to design PCB of any   Electronic Device.

Power Electronics Lab: It deals with the controlling of power level signal with the help of electronic devices.

Microprocessor Lab: Program has been written in Assembly Language and run on Trainer kit and their interfacing with Input Output peripherals.

Optical Fiber & Microwave Lab: It helps us to measure the frequency of the waveguide on microwave benches