Industrial Visit

Every Year students go for Industrial visit for live industry exposure and trends of Industry.

Our students visited:

Parle G (Rudrapur): Students visited Parle G where they got to know –

  • Parle’s history
  • Product line of Parle
  • Pricing strategy of Parle G
  • Facts about Plant
  • Social Responsibility discharging by the Company
  • Recruitment process of company
  • Experience of work culture of Parle G
  • An insight into overall production process

Yakult (Sonipat):

Where they explore the knowledge of health marketing concept and experience the  following

  • Presentation by the company on the emergency exit plan of the area which is a part of the organisation’s OHSAS certification programme
  • Introduction about the company, its origin and its current position having global presence is briefed to the students
  • The concept of Shirota-ism was also explained to the students.
  • Students visited the factory and each and every step in the process of manufacturing of the probiotic health drink.

Mother Dairy Manufacturing Plant
  Mother dairy is the best example of Umbrella marketing the students got to know about  holistic approach of marketing and consumerism. Some of them are as

  • Presentation related to the history of Mother Dairy Plant
  • Primitive and newer modes of milk collection and distribution
  • Actual milk processing capacity of the plant with the significance of the steps in processing.
  • Process of milk production depicted through small documentary film.
  • Learning visit for the students on the concepts related to production and operations within a manufacturing plant.

Live Technician

Where IT MBA Students learn about

  • Digital Marketing,
  • Techno Marketing & Sales etc.
  • Online software services company for residential, economical and professional environment requirements

Thermal Power (Manali):
Students visited Thermal Power in Manali where they learn about operation and safety maintenance of Electricity.

  • Introduction to the company
  • Major Milestones & Achievements
  • Overview of the plant
  • Energy Conservation
  • Environment Safeguards

Kullu shawl factory (Manali
):- This was a small scale manufacturing unit which functions like a co-operative society run by and for women, best available looms and infrastructure funded by the Government of India.

  • Manufacturing of stoles, scarves, caps, jackets and mufflers in first floor.
  • The factory is situated in Hill station and are taught the skill and art irrespective of their background
  • employee satisfaction peaks in this business organisation considering the flexible “office hours”.

Khadi Handloom Pilkhuwa
: Students explore the Small scale and cottage industry where they learn about Entrepreneurship and rural marketing. They got to know

  • Various processes of the firms
  • Different functions in the firm

: students gathered very useful information about the Coca-Cola Company such as:

  • An insight into the historical background of Coca Cola
  • Products offered worldwide i.e. Thumbs Up, Maaza, Sprite, Fanta, Coke and Kinley.
  • Quality Standards followed
  • Various Certifications acquired (ISO 9001,ISO 14000,ISO 50000)
  • Mentioned about every activity happening in the plant like washing of bottles, filling, capping, labelling and packaging.
  • Lastly,splintered the myths regarding the ill effects of Coca-Cola logically.

: Students understand the profit maximisation techniques through presentation and water management system.

  • History of Bisleri Plant.
  • Students got to know about the Aqua Green Revolution
  • As mall documentary film of Bisleri Plant was shown, which depicted the stringent 6-step purification process.