Cross Roads

Cross Roads is a two day state level innovation competition aimed at helping in  bring out the innovations at a common platform to show there technical skills.


  • Spread the culture of Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
  • To provide common platform for Innovative project development
  • Bring expert & student together
  • Helps the Nation to Increase Innovation Index

Following projects are done by B.Tech (CS/IT) and MCA students:

Project Name Description
Diabetes Detection Made for detection of Diabetes means from which stage the diabetic patient is suffering.
Blood Bank Automation It aims to provide a communication layer between the donor and receiver of blood and to reduce the lack of blood availability in blood bank.
Vehicle Security System It is an android application that can secure your vehicle from theft and prevent the damage in parking area.
Multi UtilityCard Bringing different applications together in one smart card. Thus the person needs not to carry different cards for different purposes.
Attendance App system It is the Andorid version of the AMS which is running  in our College.It is based on REST (Representational State Transfer )
Message system for Blind The main idea of this project is to use the mobile for blinds. Through this project Blind persons can send the mail just by speaking the message , inbox, send etc commands which are used for sending mails.
Speaking App It is the android app which converts text into speech.
Intelligent Walker It is a smart stick for blind persons which helps them to prevent from daily life hurdles.
Answer it in your Way A java application that accepts descriptive answers and marks them accordingly all possible grammars and words used.
Speaking App It is an android app for text to speech conversion.
Women Security App It is a mobile application for women safety.
Light Saving Application Voice controlled web application for save electricity.

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