Industrial Visits

To give real exposure of industrial set up to the students department organizes student’s visits to various industries. 

M/s AC Humidin Air System
As an eye opener in the field of HVAC&R, it was an informative and beneficial visit for the students. They were exposed to various types of fans and other products used in HVAC&R Industry. They learned about various manufacturing processes in manufacturing indoor and outdoor fan unit. Students were introduced to CNC machine and their operation, Plasma cutting machine and Balancing Machine for rotor of the fan and many other machines.


Students had exposure to various manufacturing processes like pattern making, mould making, cast iron casting of large machine parts, MIG welding, plasma welding. Variety of machines available, they also realized the working environment of industries.


Universal electrodes is a small scale welding electrode manufacturing company. Students studied the manufacturing technology of flux coated welding electrodes. The management explained the importance of flux in welding. Students also discussed about the high speed automated electrodes coated machine.

M/S Good Luck Steel Tubes

As the name indicates company manufactures steel pipes for industrial use, gas and oil pipeline, power plants etc. Students learnt the online pipe welding technology and forming of steel pipes into pipes by rolls. Student also visited pipe galvanizing department.

Malik Needles

The company manufactures large range of hand stitching steel needles ranging from 1” length to 6” length. Students learnt the working of automatic high production power presses and complex press tools. They also had the knowledge of process like heat treatment, grinding and polishing.