Seminars and workshops

Guest Lecture on Computer Numerical Control Machine by Er. Vipin Kumar

A technical lecture on CNC programming and its scope, was delivered on 15th Nov. 2017 to third year B. Tech students by alumnus of Hi-Tech college, Er. Vipin Kumar. Students took keen interest in the whole session and they learnt the process of converting the product drawing into a CNC manufacturing plan.
Impact of Refrigerant Gases on environment by Dr. Ahluwalia from ISHARE

Ahluwalia is well learned academia and principal of Polytechnic Institute. He explained the effect of various gases on our environment and how the generation is depleting the ozone layer which protects our earth from ultraviolet radiation from sun. Due to the accumulation of these gases the temperature of earth is increasing. He also explained to the students that CO2 and CO gases are most dangerous pollutants as their generation is very very high which is due to transportation vehicles, power houses and industries.

Guest Lecture on managerial skills by Sri. R.B. Singh Director Triparulex Pvt. Ltd.

B.Singh is a very learned entrepreneur having more than 30 years’ experience. He explained to the students that ways to acquire managerial skills and without a technocrat cannot progress beyond a particular level. We can empower through meditation, as it keeps our mind in peace and enables the mind to think without any prejudice and analyzing the problem situation by what it is, why it happened, what are the impact, and how it can be solved.

Guest lecture on Scope of CNC and its programming by Sri. VipinKumar

This lecture is delivered by pass out student of HI-Tech Institute and having rich experience on CNC machines. He explained to the students that customer demand is product at low cost and reliable quality product. This can be achieved by precision and high production machines such as CNC machines. Students also learnt that how professionals do the CNC programming and learnt the various commands.

Diesel engine workshop

Diesel engine is dismantled and assembled by the students under the expert’s supervision and they learned the functioning of each and every part of the engine.