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Cultural Events

Cultural Events

Ayodhya Ram Mandir

Ayodhya Ram Mandir Hi-Tech Institute Of Engineering & Technology celebrated a day filled with divine grace on the inauguration of ‘Ayodhya Ram Mandir’ on 19/01/2024 with making colourful rangoli and lightning diyas which make the hearts brimming with devotion to welcome ‘Lord Rama’. Everyone had shown their zeal and happiness

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Kavi Sammelan (11 April, 2023)

Kavi Sammelan (11 April, 2023) hiet-kavi-sammelan-2023-04-11-04 hiet-kavi-sammelan-2023-04-11-05 hiet-kavi-sammelan-2023-04-11-06 hiet-kavi-sammelan-2023-04-11-03 hiet-kavi-sammelan-2023-04-11-11 hiet-kavi-sammelan-2023-04-11-09 hiet-kavi-sammelan-2023-04-11-10 hiet-kavi-sammelan-2023-04-11-08 hiet-kavi-sammelan-2023-04-11-07 hiet-kavi-sammelan-2023-04-11-01 hiet-kavi-sammelan-2023-04-11-02

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