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Placement News

Placement News

Placements in Viney Corp

Placements in Viney Corp “Thrilled to announce the success of our campus placements at Viney Corp! 🌟 13 talented individuals are set to embark on an exciting journey. Grateful for the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. #CareerMilestones #VineyCorpSuccess”

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MBA Placements – Dahua Technologies

MBA Placements – Dahua Technologies hiet-mba-placements-dahua-technologies-04 hiet-mba-placements-dahua-technologies-07 hiet-mba-placements-dahua-technologies-05 hiet-mba-placements-dahua-technologies-08 hiet-mba-placements-dahua-technologies-03 hiet-mba-placements-dahua-technologies-06 hiet-mba-placements-dahua-technologies-02 hiet-mba-placements-dahua-technologies-01

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