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NAAC SSR Criteria

1.1.1 The Institution ensures effective curriculum delivery through a well-planned and documented process
Faculty load all department
Internal Exam Sample
Result analysis sample
Parent communication sample

Final List of Students (Elective wise)
Books Requisition Form
Nominal Roll List

1.1.2 The Institution adheres to the academic calendar including for the conduct of CIE
1.1.3 Assessment/evaluation list of the faculties (a)
1.1.3 Assessment/evaluation list of the faculties (b)
1.2.1 Implementation of Choice-Based Credit System
1.2.2 & 1.2.3. Add on/ Certificate /Value added programmes offered during the last five years
1.3.1 Institutions integrates crosscutting issues relevant to Professional Ethics, Gender, Human Values, Environment and Sustainability into the curriculum
1.3.2  Project_Sample for 2015-16 to 2019-20
1.3.2 Internship_Sample for 2015-16 to 2019-20
1.3.3 Project_Sample (2019-20)
1.3.3 Internship_Sample (2019-20)
1.4.1 & 1.4.2 Feedback Stakeholders
2.1.1 Average Enrollment Percentage
2.1.2 Average  Percentage of seats filled against seats reserved for various categories
2.3.2 Teachers use ICT enabled Tools for effective teaching learning process
2.3.3 Faculty Data
2.4.1 Average percentage of full time teachers
2.4.2 Average percentage of full time teachers with Ph.D.
2.4.3 Average teaching experience of full time teachers in the same institution
2.5.2 Mechanism to deal  internal/external examination
2.6.2 Attainment of POs and COs
2.6.3 Average pass percentage of students
2.7.1 Online student satisfaction survey
4.1.2 Sports Facilities
4.1.3 Percentage of classrooms and seminar halls with ICT – enabled facilities such as smart class, LMS, etc.
4.1.4 Average percentage of expenditure, excluding salary for infrastructure augmentation during last five years
4.3.1 Institution frequently updates its IT facilities including Wi-Fi                                              
4.4.1 Average percentage of expenditure incurred on maintenance of infrastructure (physical and academic support facilities) excluding salary component during the last five years
4.4.2 Established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities.
5.1.1 List of students benefited by government scholarship
5.1.1 Govt. Scholarship policy document
5.1.2 List of students benefited by institutes scholarship  
5.1.2 Policy document for institute scholarship
5.1.3  Capacity building and skill enhancement
-Language and communication skills
-Soft SkillLife Skills(Yoga)
-Life Skills(Yoga)
5.1.4 Career Counselling
5.1.5 Redressal of grievances
-Anti Ragging
-Women Empowerment
5.2.1 List of students placed
5.2.2 Higher Degree Proof
5.2.3 Gate Score Card
5.3.1 Medals and Awards
5.3.3 Participation in Sports
– Udhgosh
5.3.2 -Administrative/ co-curricular and extra curricular activites
-ECE Envision
5.4.1 Sankalan(Alumini engagament)
6.1.1 Awards and rankings
6.1.2 Organogram
6.2.1 MOM of governing board and advisory council of ITS
6.3.1 Policy document and welfare measures
6.3.1 Welfare Measures
6.3.4 AQAR’S submitted to NAAC
6.3.5 Any other relevant information
6.3.5 Performance appraisal system
7.1.1 Annual Gender sensitization Action Plan
7.1.2 Geotagged photographs
7.1.3 Geotagged photographs of Waste Management
7.1.4 Rain Water Harvesting
7.1.4 Geotagged Photograph of Water conservation
7.1.5 Policy document
7.1.6 Certificate by Auditing Authority
7.1.7 SOP on Differently Abled
7.1.8 Institutional celebrations
7.1.9 Report
7.1.10 Policy Document
7.1.11 Events Details
7.1.11 Event Photographs
7.1.11 Annual Reports