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Aptitude Training Program

Aptitude Tests accesses your logical reasoning and thinking ability. They consist of multiple choice questions and are held as proper exams. The tests are strictly timed. Generally, the time given depends on the number of questions in the test. Mostly, 60 to 90 seconds is given for one question.
The Aptitude Test can be used as a measure of the abilities of a person. These tests give the complete picture of a person’s mind. The aptitude test is of a great importance for the students studying in school or those people who want to change their profession. The test will give them a precise result of what is the actual abilities of a person. The importance of an aptitude test can be understood by the fact that they being widely used now for various purposes. Some of them arePlacement Purpose, Academic Improvement and many more.
Aptitude Topics
  1. Number system
  2. Divisibility , LCM, HCF
  3. Average
  4. Age and Calendar
  5. Simplification
  6. Percentage
  7. Profit and loss
  8. Time and work
  9. Pipe and cistern
  10. Train
  11. Boat
Reasoning Topics
  1. Blood relation
  2. Series
  3. Coding decoding
  4. Direction and distance
  5. Input and output and data chart