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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering  Diploma certificate program. This course can be pursued by students who have passed 10th and 12th  board examination. Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest branches of Engineering. It is one of the core branches. Though this discipline has existed for a very long time, Mechanical Engineering developed into a separate branch of Engineering during the early 19th century.
Mechanical Engineering is the branch of Engineering that deals with design, manufacturing and operation of machinery. This branch uses concepts of engineering, physics and material science for design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems.
Some of the important topics covered in this branch of engineering include- material science, engineering physics, theory of machines, kinematics of machines, thermodynamics, manufacturing etc. With development in technology, new topics have also been introduced, like- CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drawing), nanotechnology, mechatronics etc.
Concepts of mechanical engineering extend along to other engineering branches also. Some such branches are- industrial engineering, automobile engineering, power engineering, production engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, metallurgical engineering and aeronautical engineering.
This engineering branch touches our day to day lives directly or indirectly. From household equipment like washing machines and grinders to buses and trains that we use for transportation, mechanical engineering and machines are involved in one way or the other!