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Cyber Security Campaign by NBT

Under the Cyber Security Campaign by NBT, Hitech Institute conducted a workshop to make all students aware about the Cyber Crime. ADCP Crime Shri Sachhidanand , Cyber Cell In-charge Shri Anil Yadav deliver a lecture on ” How to Stop Cyber Crime”. Some Glimpse of the workshop:

hiet-ghaziabad-04-Cyber Suraksha Kawach_result
hiet-ghaziabad-05-Cyber Suraksha Kawach_result
hiet-ghaziabad-07-Cyber Suraksha Kawach_result
hiet-ghaziabad-08-Cyber Suraksha Kawach_result
hiet-ghaziabad-10-ADCP Crime Sachidanand_result
hiet-ghaziabad-11-Anil Yadav Cyber Cell_result
hiet-ghaziabad-12-Karan Bhardwaj Cyber Expert_result
hiet-ghaziabad-14-Tanu Sinha_result
hiet-ghaziabad-15-BD Kaushik_result
hiet-ghaziabad-17-Anand Prakash_result